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Tender Win NHS Decoration Works, East Grinstead.

It was a very 'Happy New Year' for H.Monfared (Builders) Limited with a tender win with London NHS beating over 150 building commercial specialists in the London vicinity. Queen Victoria Hospital need detailed redecoration works in the London Borough in mid-January 2019. The tender, which was released in early October 2018 was led by a H.Monfareds proposal specialists. Redecoration works will be taking place in the Jubilee Centre (Queen Victoria Hospital) and will include a complete refurbishment of all defined areas paying special attention to the entrance Lobby; entrance Corridor and main staircase.

Although H.Monfared (Builders) have previously worked with the NHS, H.Monfared (Builders) are overjoyed to be working alongside the public body in 2019.

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