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H.Monfared (Builders) commercial works at Portsmouth Guildhall, renovation of the 'Harlequin roo

H.Monfared (Builders) have partnered with Portsmouth Guildhall for huge renovation works for for their famous 'Harlequin Rooms' The works are part of 'The Studio Campaign' which is the first phase of our 'Guildhall Renaissance project', an ambitious programme of restoration to ensure Portsmouth Guildhall continues to thrive for the next 130 years and be a venue of which we can all enjoy and be proud. H.Monfared were chosen from hundreds of commercial building firms because of their reputation for commitment to regal buildings such as The Kings Theatre, of whom H.Monfareds have been a sponsor now for over 3 years.

Above: The new developed plans for Guildhall Renaissance Project.

The Guildhall plans to renovate The Harlequin Room, a tired and under-utilised space on the Ground Floor of the Guildhall, into a 185 seat/250 standing capacity Guildhall Studio will create a much needed facility to support emerging talent across the region, develop a diversified arts and classical music offer, create a small conference and meeting space and provide an accessible hub which community groups can utilise. Renovations to the Harlequin Room will be taking place during July/August 2018 in conjunction with Hemingway Design.Wayne Hemmingways designs are finilised and include restorations to the regal windows back to their formal glory, and aesthetics colour treatments of regal blues

See above: The Harlequin Rooms as they stand now will be changed into a grand studio for artists and musicians.

See above: Proposed185 seat/250 standing capacity Guildhall Studio which will create a much needed facility to support emerging talent across the region.

Please watch this space for the new visuals.

If you do require any information on this particular project please contact us at

For more information for Portsmouth Guildhalls renovations/buildings have a brief look here:

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