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H.Monfared (Builders) undertake works from 'Orbit Property Management', Mayfair, London.

H.Monfared (Builders) have been working alongside Orbit Property Management group for 5 years supplying all kinds of commercial building works. Orbit Property Management are a commercial estate agents with over 300 commercial properties with a capital value of nearly £3BN throughout the UK region. H.Monfared (Builders) work in conjunction on projects within the South East & West of the UK.

Works are currently being undertaken at Avalon House, 2 Surrey St in Portsmouth. Although only small works, the works are now vital and of course - H.Monfared (Builders) are always happy to help.

The works are a fast turnaround and will be finalised the last week of June 2018

If you are interested in this particular story or would like any works priced please contact us at or equally you can call us on 0800 6528003

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