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TENDER WIN! MMHS Major Refurbishment Specification - Church Road, Roffey, Horsham.

Another 'Tender Win' for H.Monfared (Builders) partnering with Methodist Ministers Housing Association. H.Monfared have been working alongside MMHS now for numerous years carrying out specialist works; mainly focusing on large housing refurbishments for staff members to occupy. Some of the housing projects have been in severe disrepair and works have very much benefited Methodist Ministers staff.

The latest project is a detached premises in Horsham in Sussex. The works include a large scale internal refurbishment, internal and external with a turn around of approximately 2 weeks. Watch this space for before and after shots!

Some of the included works.

  • Space heating, hot and cold water provision and distribution

  • Provision and distribution of gas system

  • Provision and distribution of electrical system

  • Kitchen, laundry, food preparation and storage facilities

  • Washing and bathing facilities

  • Floor, wall and ceiling finishes

  • General carpentry and joinery

  • Thermal energy conservation

If you would like anymore information of this particular project, or need any works pricing please contact us on

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